Wait, what? Crayons do melt, what are you talking about.  

Yeah, I know that what a lot of people said when I told them what I wanted to name my blog. So if crayons do actually melt, then why name your blog to the contrary?  

Well, it all goes back to when I was about three years old.  My family always went on car trips.  My parents owned this little Nissan hatchback, and I of course dominated the back seat.  The backseat has these awesome little compartments in the armrest on the door.  They were SO deep!  I loved to store stuff in them.  

On this particular trip to Glaicier National Park in Montana I was coloring in the backseat.  Now, I loved my crayons. I loved them ALMOST as much as I loved my Duplos...and I adored those blocks. We got to wherever we were going; a trailhead probably, knowing my dad.  Well, I didn't want anyone to steal my crayons, so I hid them in my secret compartment.  My dad said to me " don't put those crayons in there, they'll melt."  To which I proudly responded, "crayons don't melt!"

  Well, you can probably guess what happened when we got back to the car.  I buckled myself in, flipped open the lid to my storage spot, and gasped "crayons DO melt!" to my dismay I no longer had separate, pretty little crayons, but one giant, globular hunk of crazy colors.  I would like to say I took that giant block of wax and went on coloring, but alas I was an emotional child and so I cried.

I looked back on the occasion as one of my first memories, but also one of my first experiences with artistic creation...albiet, an unintentional creation. So when it came to naming my blog, a blog about personal creativity and artistic creations, I wanted something that was fun but, also personally meaningful.  

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