June 24th, 2012- Oxford, UK

Jet lag hasn't been too bad so far.  It will probably hit me tomorrow.  My flight was fine, nothing too traumatic happened.  The dorms are dorms.  Sadly we're not in one of the historically old buildings, but the facilities are nice and we have bathrooms en suite.  Although the wi-fi does leave much to be desired, slooooowwww upload speeds.

After we made it to the dorms I went out with some classmates for toiletries and lunch.  Amazing how much is closed on Sunday.  I knew it would be bad, but food options were limited.  Duly noted for remaining Sundays.  My spicy chicken sandwich was in no way spicy.  As you can see in the picture I successfully unpacked and then took a snooze.

At 6 pm we left for Oriel College for a lovely reception and dinner.

So normally you are not allowed to walk on the grass, but for special events this rule is ignored. And so we....partied on the grass.

After our sparkling wine on the quad we went into one of the private dining rooms in Oriel for a sit down dinner.  Food was ok, actually my ravioli were terrible, but I should have gone with the chicken. I didn't get a picture of the room before we ate. 

After dinner we took a quick tour of the Oriel to find out where the dining hall is and how to get to our classroom.  The buildings are so cool.  I will find out more about the age of the buildings later, but I believe many parts of the main college building (including the dining hall) are from the high Middle Ages. 

Our classroom is not all that fancy. 

But the view is pretty cool.  

I found the Starbucks, so hopefully I can upload faster and share more pictures. 

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